Version 13.11 released

This version features DVD-Audio/Video hybrid authoring

  • DVD-Audio/Video hybrid authoring
  • Mirroring to DVD-Video zone using lplex.
  • Top menu authoring, using a new patch against dvdauthor.
  • Optional animated menu with sound
  • Slideshows with transition effects for each track
  • man page
  • Source code
  • Menus with track links-top menus with several menu screens.
  • Hierarchical menus.
  • Active menus.
  • Single track groups and other advanced audio options to smooth out audio gaps.
  • Automatic download and build of source code dependencies.

Qt4 graphical user interface version 09.02 released

This version adds Menus, Toolbars and drag-and-drop support from external filesystem explorers. See GUI webpage .

What is DVD-Audio?

DVD-Audio is a standard for storing uncompressed high quality stereo or multi-channel audio content on a standard DVD disk. Supported sampling frequencies range from 44.1KHz (the Red-Book CD Audio standard) up to 192KHz, with sampling depths of 16, 20 or 24 bits.

A single DVD can contain both DVD-Audio content (in the AUDIO_TS directory) and DVD-Video content (in the VIDEO_TS directory). Most DVD players only recognise and playback the VIDEO_TS content, but an increasing number of dual-format players can play the contents of the AUDIO_TS as well. Such players will display the DVD-Audio logo.

A single DVD-Audio disk is referred to as an Album. An Album can consist of up to 9 Groups, each containing up to 99 Tracks. In addition, the contents of the AUDIO_TS directory can contain references to objects in the VIDEO_TS directory (but not vice-versa).

About DVD audio Tools

This project aims to provide audio enthusiasts with a set of free software tools to enable the authoring of DVD-Audio disks compliant with hardware DVD-Audio players, plus a software player for such disks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to uncompressed audio, the DVD-Audio standard supports a proprietary lossless compression scheme called Meridian Lossless Packing and various methods of encrypting and watermarking the content. This project does not and will not deal with those parts of the standard and will therefore never be able to playback commercially produced DVD-Audio disks.

Project Status

More information can be found on the Project Status page.


[12 Nov 2013] DVD-Audio/Video hybrid authoring.
[01 Jul 2010] Patch against cdrtools-3.00 (mkisofs) [Jerome Brock/Fabrice Nicol].
[26 Jun 2010] Stabilized development version 10.06. Added still pictures, slideshows and active menus. [Fabrice Nicol].
[15 Nov 2009] Added submenus to menu authoring [Fabrice Nicol].
[01 Sep 2009] development version dvda-author-09.09 with top menu authoring.
[15 Aug 2009] several bugfixes for dvda-author-09.05.
[30 May 2009] dvda-author-09.05 released [Fabrice Nicol, other contributors].
[04 May 2009] updated mkisofs patch [Jerome Brock].
[30 Jan 2009] dvda-author-gui 09.02 released
[22 Jan 2009] dvda-author-gui 09.01 released.
[28 Dec 2008] dvda-author-gui 08.12-3 released with extraction feature.
[25 Dec 2008] dvda-author 08.12 released [Fabrice Nicol, Lee and Tim Feldkamp].
[24 Dec 2008] Windows installer for dvda-author graphical user interface released.
[22 Dec 2008] Source code of dvda-author graphical user interface released [Fabrice Nicol].
[28 Sep 2008] Source code of 08-09-dev made portable to Windows and *nix platforms.Integrates extractor (ats2wav) and header repair module (fixwav) [Fabrice Nicol].
[20 Aug 2008] Source code of 08-08-dev made portable to *nix platforms.
[19 Aug 2008] Windows installers released for versions 08.07 and 08.08-dev (Cygwin)
[18 Aug 2008] Hplex version 0.1.3 released (integrates dvda-author version 08.07)
[10 Aug 2008] Stable version 08.07 moved to SF File Release System [Fabrice Nicol].
Dev version 08.08-dev released for GNU/Linux.
[07 Jul 2008] New version released (08.06) for *nix platforms and Cygwin.
[09 May 2008] New patch against mkisofs for dvda-author. New howto page.
[25 Oct 2007] Added guide to Light GUI for DVD audio Tools.
[14 Oct 2007] New version of Hplex with group management and Light GUI for DVD audio Tools.
[23 Sep 2007] New version of AUDIO_TS.IFO table [Fabrice Nicol]. Added new mkisofs diff patch.
[22 Sep 2007] New version of AUDIO_PP.IFO table [Fabrice Nicol]. Added Some Notes on Hybrids (1) and (2)
[21 Sep 2007] Revised website pages. New Hplex test page
[20 Sep 2007] Added Hplex package for Hybrid DVD building
[27 Mar 2005] Added FLAC support to dvda-author [Dave Chapman]
[26 Mar 2005] Added support for up to 24-bit audio
[19 Mar 2005] Added support for up to 9 groups of tracks (available in latest alpha release)
[14 Mar 2005] First working version of dvda-author committed to CVS (16-bit Stereo, one group only)
[01 Mar 2005] Website launched
[21 Feb 2005] Project registered at Sourceforge [Dave Chapman]