DVD-A author alpha Releases

This page contains the latest development snapshots of dvda-author. New alpha releases are made when new features or bug-fixes are committed to CVS.

A pre-compiled Windows executable is included in each release, along with full source code suitable for compiling on Linux, Mac OS X, or any other platform with a C compiler. See the Howto for usage instructions.


NOTE: Links to project website downloads have been removed [8 Oct. 2007]. Please provide a link to the SF downloads page instead.

Download Changes
  • Bugfixes - correctly deal with the case of 9 groups, and ignore extra non-PCM RIFF chunks at the end of a WAV file (fixes some "clicks between tracks" problems)
  • Bugfixes - fixed bug with 24-bit Stereo files and also improved command-line parsing and error reporting.
  • Fixed support for 24-bit mono files.
  • Incorporated FLAC decoder to enable authoring directly from FLAC files
  • Support for 24-bit Stereo files (24-bit mono untested)
  • Added support for mono files
  • Bugfix - fixed bug that caused the ATSI to overflow when authoring a disc more than about 50-60 tracks in a single group. The ATSI is now either 2 or 3 sectors, depending on the number of tracks.
  • Add support for up to 9 groups of tracks.
  • Added -pp option to correctly locate the AUDIO_PP.IFO file
  • Initial release - supports 16-bit Stereo audio at any DVD-Audio samplerate.