Project Status

The following table contains the current list of tasks and their status as of the latest alpha release. If you are willing to help, please post a message to the mailing list.

Task % Done Notes
Qt4 GUI Core features: 100% Version to be developed with lplex support.
Development features 100%
  • 08.08-dev version and later: header-repair module, padding options.
  • New features: multichannel and multiformat, SoX support. MLP not to be supported, see home page warning.
  • SoX support
    Upgraded to version 14.3.1 with cross-compiled libsox.a for Windows.
    Ogg FLAC support 100% with 08.08-dev version
    LibFLAC 1.2.1 support 100% Native Windows version fixed
    Hybrid DVD-Audio/Video discs 100% Audio-to-Video zone navigation
  • Bundling dvda-author with Lplex to make Hybrid DVDs (Hplex package/dvda-author 08.06): 100%
  • Added DVD-Audio and Hybrid DVD support to mkisofs.
  • Multiple Groups 100% Done - up to 9 groups are supported (the maximum allowed in the DVD-Audio standard)
    Audio title management: fused titles, anti-gap features. 75%
    Experimental and possibly of little use for most users.
    Mono/Stereo audio 80% 16-bit and 24-bit Mono/Stereo audio supported at all six DVD-Audio samplerates. Correct packing of 20-bit LPCM samples in AOB file not implemented yet.
    Multi-channel audio 100% Done (Lee and Tim Feldkamp)
    FLAC support 100% Done. dvda-author accepts FLAC and WAV files as input
    Still Pictures 100% With transition effects and time control features.
    Video menus 75% Top menus : 90%, --soundtrack to be fixed for creating videos with sound as top menus. Imported VOBS with sound OK.
    Active menus :  60%, TODO: customize format, test hierarchical and multi-screen menus, test or customize slides/background.


    The mkisofs application needs to be adapted to correctly create a UDF disk image based on the sector pointers in the DVD-Audio IFO files.

    I have written an initial patch against mkisofs which performs the correct sorting of the files when the -dvd-audio parameter is specified. If you apply that patch, you can create the UDF image as follows:

    mkisofs -o image.iso -dvd-audio DVD/

    The patch removes the need for a -sort file, but does not (currently) correctly position the files on the DVD according to the absolute sector pointers in the AUDIO_PP.IFO file.

    A new patch against mkisofs bundles the -dvd-audio and -dvd-video options into a -dvd-hybrid switch.

    DVD-Audio player

    A DVD-Audio player application needs to be written. There is a choice of two DVD-Audio player types - a player meeting the Audio Only Player (AOP) specification, or a player meeting the Video-Capable Audio Player (VCAP) specification.

    An AOP player would only need to process the AUDIO_PP.IFO file and present a simple CD-Player like interface to the user. A fully-featured VCAP player would need to be an extension of an existing DVD-VIdeo player and would need to support a large subset of the DVD-Video specification, in addition to the full DVD-Audio specification.