DVD-Audio Specifications

Detailed information on the DVD-Audio specification is hard to find, but here are some useful introductions:

Scientific research and reference books

There are numerous reference books on Digital audio signal processing. An excellent (though costly) introduction to all aspects of audio signal coding, including DVD-Audio and SACD, is to be found in:

Reference: A. Spanias and alii, Chapter 11 "Lossless Audio Coding and Digital Watermarking", Feb 2007, Wiley.
The chapter can also be downloaded on a pay-per-view basis from the editor's site.

Related sites

Hplex could not have seen the light of day without Bahman Negahban's Lplex, also available on sourceforge.

Practical information and interesting threads on audio formats can be found on Taperssection Forums

Commercial DVD-Audio authoring tools

DVD-Video Information

The DVD-Video and DVD-Audio specifications are very closely linked and the DVD-Video specification is now very well understood and unofficially documented. These links are invaluable when investigating the DVD-Audio specification.